Thursday, February 14, 2008

When I have grown a foot or two....

I realize that thousands of moms have sent their sons on missions and it is totally what I would hope he would do at this point in his life but how could it all happen so fast? Johnathon turned his papers into the Stake President on Sunday. President Brewer will be sending them in on the 16th. Now we wait. Tonight Johnathon told me that he could wait to open his letter until whenever Samantha is home after he gets it. It is very good that Johnathon can wait. But I won't be able to. We'll call her on the phone and she can be in on all the action courtesy of Qwest.
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. That smile will take him far.

Elder Gay

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

About Blogging and Blogging Books

I have been composing posts in my head for days and days. I really think that blogging is such a great way to record history. I have not been good about that the past 20 or so years and there are so many events, moments, clever and profound sayings that are lost forever. So I have been feeling resolved to do a better job of writing things down in this form because it serves so many purposes--keeping in touch with people I love, family history, improvement of my pitiful typing and writing skills.....My sister, Sarah (I only have the one), inspired me to start blogging with her fabulous blog Toad, Sue, Roo and Boo Radley. My husband made sure I got my blog started and he helps me whenever I have technical questions which is very often. I also love my friend,
Denice's blog and my friend Jen's blog. Anyway, Sarah's sister-in-law also blogs. Actually, she is the queen of blogging. Yes, I think she really is. On her most recent blog (Feb. 4) she shows her blog book that she just got in the mail. You have GOT to see this. It is history done so well and so cool. Really, check it out and while you are at it just look at some of her other posts. They are incredible. She is very creative, takes great pictures, writes well, and is very consistent in posting and keeping up to date. Me too--starting now.

President Hinckley

My neice, Nicole, aka poppinsko, has created the most incredible tribute to President Hinckley. I don't know how she did it. She just does amazing things without thinking--it just comes naturally. Perhaps it is a family trait. I don't know for sure but you really must watch this video. It will be the best 5 minutes of your day Oh, and the music is fabulous so be sure you have your speakers turned up or your headphones on.