Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Large Loomers

In life there are those people who loom large. Quite possibly the largest loomer of all the large loomers I know is my Dad. Tonight he is in the hospital awaiting heart surgery the extent of which is yet to be decided. I am so glad I was just in Gilbert, Arizona a week ago witnessing his last council meeting as a councilman there. Words fall short of expressing who he is or what he means to me but last December my siblings and I (mostly my sister, Sarah) put together a blog for him for his birthday and Christmas present where we made an effort to convey the largeness of his looming in our lives. Scroll down to the last entry which is a video and then you might catch a teeny-tiny glimpse of the man that is my Dad. http://vote4mydad.blogspot.com/

Monday, June 8, 2009


I was sad last September when Corban turned 3. I have LOVED being the mom to my babies. It was the end of the baby era, an era that had lasted 21 years. I am seeing a lot of ends lately but I am happy about the one that is the subject of this post--Corban's rearend. He is out of diapers and by extension our family is out of diapers. If I were a better mathmetician I would do the math on the number of diapers we have changed but I'm not so I won't. Let me just say we have done our share of diapering and I'm okay
with this particular end.

Spring has sprung

April 24th, 2009
This is our annual "the-flowering-almond-bush-is-blooming photo". We have only missed one year since 1993. (I think it was the year 2000. It rained so hard that the blossoms all dropped off before we could get the picture.) This particular day was the Friday morning that Samantha left to go to BYU study abroad in London. I had just brought her back from SUU the night before. I was hoping that the timing would be right so that the bush would be blooming during the 12 hours that Samantha was home and it WAS! A nice little miracle. It usually blooms closer to the 18th. No one was dressed up but I got the picture with all of the available offspring! (Minus the missionary-but that couldn't be helped.) Okay, so Jeremiah isn't really there in the emotionally/mentally present sense of the word but he is physically in the picture. I am hoping that through the years I can get a few more pictures with most or all of my children in them.