Friday, October 19, 2007


For the past several years Samantha, Johnathon, and Amanda have been involved in a fiddle group with the High School. Last year the group really spent a lot of time playing together at a lot of venues outside of the high school. After Johnathon graduated in May we thought that his participation in the fiddle group would end but they played several times during the summer and then Mr. Tsugawa the orchestra teacher who started the fiddle group asked Johnathon and Spencer to return to play in one more concert with the group. So I recorded this Wednesday night. Johnathon has a mandolin solo. Amanda is playing the electric bass. Sorry it isn't a better recording but the solo comes through pretty well and if you listen for the bass you can hear it too. I love this group. They are fantastic.

This is the mandolin that was Johnathon's great Granddaddy Baxter's. It has been so cool to watch him learn to play it. I have been so amazed by his abilities and by how much he enjoys it. He has also taught himself how to play the guitar and the penny whistle. His ultimate goal is to learn to play the bagpipes.

Okay, I decided I needed to add one more song. This is from a performance this summer at the Springville Art Museum. In this one, Back up and Push, they sing and Amanda Lynn plays the Mandolin along with Johnathon. Amanda is on the far left and she has an incredible voice. I am her mother and very biased but she really does have an incredible voice. Enjoy!

I wish I had a good video from the year that all three of my big kids were in this group together. I'm on the look out for one.

Happy Birthday Scott

On October 13 my husband of 20 years had another birthday. 48 seems impossibly old and yet we do have a 19-year-old daughter. This year I have reached the point where I have known him for over half of my life (he has a few more years to go before he gets to the half-way point). This is both weird and cool. I remember as a child being unable to comprehend that there was ever a time that my parents didn't know eachother. Now I am finding that I can't really imagine my life without Scott, He is a good man and a good dad. He may not appreciate the wish that I am about to bestow upon him but here it is: Scott, I hope that you live for another 48 years and that you find joy and happiness at every twist and turn along your path. Happy Birthday!

Scott and Corban with Johnathon at graduation in May

Love the beard he grows in the wintertime!

At Timp cave with some of our kids and cousins during the Crosby reunion which he attended last summer, without me (I had to work) but with all of our children. What a man!